80.00 (z DDV)

Sorbus Joseph Rock, also known as Rock’s Rowan, is a deciduous tree known for its elegant and upright growth habit. It features pinnately compound leaves with serrated edges, which turn brilliant shades of orange and red in the autumn. In late spring to early summer, clusters of creamy-white flowers bloom, followed by small red or orange berries in the fall, which are attractive to birds. This tree is valued for its ornamental appeal and is a popular choice for landscaping due to its beautiful foliage and fruiting display.

  • Višina 250-300cm
  • Debelina stebla 12-14cm
  • Premer lonca35cm

    Varen nakup, dostava povsod po Sloveniji

    • Plačilo po povzetju, predračunu, ali s kreditno kartico.
    • 100% jamstvo, ki velja dve leti od nakupa cipres.
    • Možno plačilo na obroke – po predhodnem dogovoru.